Effective Bed Bug Removal in Mattress with Jetsteam compact steam cleaner

When it comes to cleaning method that is environmentally friendly to get rid of bed bugs and superbugs from bed mattress or upholstered surfaces, a superheated dry steam at least 140 degrees Celsius has been proven as number one disinfector.

It is no surprise that many experts and various studies around the world recommend steam vapour as the chosen disinfection tool to remove germs and eradicate bed bugs infestations in many mattresses and hidden corners of the upholstered furniture, such as sofa, chair, and many more. This is because super bugs are extremely prone and susceptible to heated dry steam at more than 135 degrees Celsius.


Duplex’s Jetsteam steam cleaners reach temperatures of over 160 degrees Celsius which is the lethal temperature, making them ideal to destroy bed bug eggs. What makes Duplex’s steam cleaners as obvious the suitable machine for bed bugs extermination is that these compact steam cleaners produce 5% water content, which is the minimum content level in the vapour to eliminate the bed bugs effectively.

Using the Duplex Jetsteam compact cleaner is essential to prevent the risk of infestation and mold in most mattresses caused by pests, bed bugs, and any other micro-organisms.



Here are top three recommended steam cleaners that can help with bed bug eradication:

The number one steam generator that is equipped with powerful excess +180 degrees Celsius superheated 94% dry steam at 8 Bar pressure, making the light work of even the tough cleaning environment

The versatile compact steam cleaner with 4.5 bar pressure and 155 degrees Celsius dry steam that can dissolve grime and cut through germs and bugs’ eggs

The smallest and lightest steam cleaner with continuous 94% dry steam vapour at up to 4 bar pressure and temperature of up to 145 degrees Celsius, making it the most affordable and compact performer across many different cleaning applications.

Each steam machine above also has its excellent range of accessories and tools to accompany the cleaning application, such as:

  • Steam Lance: this can be effective in cracks and crevices where there are likely to be nests of bed bugs and dangerous infestation sources. With steam lance, a great form of jet in heated dry steam is focused in those areas in a single shot, eliminating all pest germs. Ideal for cleaning bed frames, baseboards and many more
  • Triangle Tool: Use with microfiber cloth to trap the hot temperature of the steam vapour to  move around the affected areas quickly to kill bed bugs in mattresses, sofas, cushions and other upholstered materials.
  • Rectangle Tool: Similar to Triangle tool usage, except that this tool can be used in much larger areas, such as walls, ceilings, floors with the help of extension tubes that can be attached to Jetsteam machines

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How to clean bath and basin – acrylic or fibreglass


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How to clean acrylic or fiberglass basin

To clean acrylic or fiberglass vanity and basin, simply use hot water injection feature with dishwashing liquid filled along with water in the Jetsteam Maxi. Apply and use low medium pressure to produce superheated dry steam at maximum of 180 degrees steam. Gently spray the dry steam towards the affected surface in the basin. After spraying the whole surface, use microfibre glove or microfibre mitt to wipe off the residue and dirt that is picked up.

Basin Cleaning

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